Interview with the chef of the «New York» restaurant Nikola Vesich

Interview with the chef of the «New York» restaurant Nikola Vesich
I studied at The College of hotel management in Belgrade for 6 years.
He worked in five-star hotels Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade, The Westbury Hotel in London, was the brand-chef of the wine bar La Stanza and the network of cafe «Yulina kukhnya» of Yulia Vysotskaya.
My family was not supporting me becoming a cook. Either the army or the work in the bank. I wanted to be only a cook.
I’m glad that the attitude towards cooking is changing for the better.
The cookery of my childhood is pasta with cheese, and I still love it.
I don’t know what motivated me to become a cook.
At the age of 18, I met Philipp Gott — he had a crazy character, very demanding, tough, he threw dishes and made me shave every day. Thanks to him I’ve learnt what discipline and quality work is.
You should always be serious about everything you do. There are no other options.
I fell in love with work. I’ve been taking weekend shifts and cleaned 30 kilos of fish. And I liked it.
Feeling when I was taken for the job in London can be compared to the birth of my first daughter Sophie. I was 21 years old. I was happy.
In the family I cook.
My favorite home dish is Sarma — Serbian cabbage rolls with smoked meat.
My first task in «New York» is to make everything incredibly tasty and modern, I will use the Josper grill more often, we will smoke, roast dishes and use alternative steaks.
My hobby is running.
The main phrases of life: «Everything that does not kill, makes you stronger», «Do good, even if they don’t look at you».
Honesty and character — these are the main qualities of a good person.
In the company «Good Restaurants» I was attracted by the organization, a serious approach to any business and teamwork. This is a high level.
To become a cook you need only a desire and incredible patience.
Working in the kitchen is hard, but very pleasant.
Among the chefs I admire the British chef Marco Pierre White — this is the youngest chef who received three Michelin stars, he taught Gordon Ramsey and other famous chefs. This is a unique person. I like his character and approach to work.
«Feeding people» means getting emotions for me, I like it when people close their eyes when they try a dish, enjoy it and smile.
«My dad is a very chef» — the words of my Sophie, and I'm proud of them.