The eighth Food Market about Red Burger Bar 10.09.17

The eighth Food Market about Red Burger Bar 10.09.17
On September 10, the eighth Food Market of the company "Good Restaurants" was held near the Red Burger Bar.

More than 40 participants with food and non-food products were waiting for guests and residents of the city, young and well-known brands were presented.

Teams of the restaurant "Pirs" fed citizens oysters, Uzbek pilaf, barbecue and grilled shrimps, "Bellucci" with the Italian chef Walter Bisoffi was preparing gazpacho, ravioli and risotto, Red Burger Bar fried hot dogs, new York surprised by the brand Shawarma with duck, and the restaurant Onegin Dacha with a brand-chief of the company Anton Kochura presented fried dumplings with duck, burrata with tomatoes and your favorite pastries.

Their zones and production partners we were pleased with the Food Market: the Klyuch-Avto companies with the Smart car, sausage factory "Don Traditions" and "Kushchevsky meat-packing plant", lapshichnaya Mary Wang, the Utkino country house and Giorgio Lab.

The team of the Good Restaurants company was glad to share with everyone the good mood.